1- Your purpose is to please, amuse, serve and obey me. This is an honour and a privilege never to be taken for granted

2- You must ensure good hygiene (shaving or trimming pubic hair, including being freshly showered before a session), good manners and proper etiquette in my presence at all times which includes saying ’’please’’ and ‘’thank you’’ whenever addressing me.

3- Absolute honesty, respect, discretion and clear communication are essential at all times.

4- A ‘’Slow’’ word and a ‘’safe word’’ will be established in your first session. The ‘’slow’’ word will be ‘’yellow’’. This indicates to me that are are reaching the limits of what you can take. If you use this word, I will slow down, ease up or do something different, but the session will continue.
If you are unable to speak due to your restraints or gag, snap your fingers once.

5- ‘’Red’’ is our safe word. If you say the safe word, it means that I will stop the session immediately, regardless of the remaining time. If you are gagged, you can snap your fingers continually to stop the session.

6- What I offer is a BDSM adventure that will stimulate your mind, emotions, and senses. Sex is never involved in our sessions. Our session will go far above and beyond the mere orgasm. Do attempt to solicit sex from me or you will be dismissed.

7- I have the right to refuse any client, for any reason I see fit.

8- By not respecting my limits (that we already discussed in person), you will lose the privilege of being my client. Should my limits be crossed during a session, the session will be terminated immediately, and no reimbursement will be made for time remaining in session. All activities, including percussive/impact play (whips, flogging, paddles, etc.) have been
discussed before the session, and have been agreed upon, and my signature below shows that my participation is entirely consensual and I agree to abide by the above mentioned rules. I understand that no sexual services of any kind are involved in BDSM sessions.

No sex is offered or performed on any client